For nearby resident, Ferguson protests a burden on everyday life


Posted on August 20, 2014 at 5:16 PM

FERGUSON, Mo. ( -- The fallout from protests in Ferguson is spilling into surrounding communities.

Less than a mile away from West Florissant, where the majority of protests are taking place, are the Laural Park Apartments.  At least one mother there says she wants to move because her children no longer feel safe in their home.

“I don't feel safe here at all, I don't what to stay here at all," said 17-year-old Tobiya Curry.
Curry and her 9-year-old sister, Charity, are paying the price of the protests.  The protesters hit the streets before their mother gets home from work.
“I hear a lot of sirens, I hear people outside the apartments saying ‘hurry up let's get inside the house; they are about to act up, they're about to act up,’” Curry said.
On top of that, someone broke into her mom's car Tuesday night. While that’s bad as it is, Renota Jenkins said the police response really shook her up.
“They didn't even ask my name, they didn't ask what kind of car I had,” Jenkins said.
The dispatcher told her no officers where coming to help because all of the officers were dealing with the protests in Ferguson. That news shook up her family.
“I don't think they'll come because they are so focused on what's happening down the street that they won't react down here as fast as they normally would," Curry said.
"To know that you can't even turn to law enforcement is really, really disturbing,” Jenkins added.
The girls are too scared to stay at home while their mom is at work, so they packed up and will spend the night at their aunt's.
Jenkins said she is trying to get out of her lease to find a safer place for her family to live.