Enrollment process beginning for unaccredited student transfers


by Elizabeth Eisele/ KMOV.com


Posted on August 2, 2013 at 4:44 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 16 at 12:19 PM

(KMOV.com) -- The lottery process for students to transfer out of two unaccredited school districts is almost over and some parents are still fighting to make sure their kids won’t be left out.

Staff at the Cooperating School Districts overseeing the process decided which students would go to which school and it’s a waiting game for some parents.

“On my application, it said that I had ‘till yesterday. It didn’t say no time or anything,” said parent Angelisa Howard, “I got to the Normandy School District at…two o’clock and it was closed.”

Howard said she took her child’s transfer application to the Cooperating School Districts’ office and they sent her back to Normandy to get the situation sorted out.

“We have room for everybody,” said CSD official Sherrie Wehner, “Everybody will have a spot somewhere.”

Many families applied for limited spots within the Kirkwood and Mehlville Districts. Officials said more than 600 students applied for only 395 spots. CSD said those students not selected for the spots will not have to go back to Riverview Gardens.

“We will be calling those parents and saying, ‘you didn’t get into your first or second choice, but here are some other options,’” Wehner said.

There are openings in other districts, but parents will have to provide their own transportation.

Francis Howell District officials said those who applied and marked Francis Howell as their first choice will get in.

“We had ten students that requested us as their first choice, so we accepted those students,” said Dr. Jeff Marion with St. Charles School District, “We had room for them. So now we go back to our offices and start calling those parents and letting them know that they’ve been accepted, so they can enroll in our school.”

Throughout Friday evening, receiving school districts will call parents to let them know their child was selected and the parent needs to begin the enrollment process.