Details on weekend Blanchette Bridge closures


by staff

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 10:14 AM

Here are the details for this weekend's Blanchette Bridge lane closures:

Friday, November 2:

- Eastbound I-70, 2 lanes closed at noon from Route 94 to the St Louis County end of bridge

- Ramp from northbound Fifth Street to eastbound I-70 closes at noon

(this is a permanent closure until Fall 2013)

- Westbound I-70, 1 lane closed at 8 p.m. from Earth City Expressway to Fifth Street

- Eastbound I-70 will be reduced again at 10 p.m. so only 2 lanes are open until 5 a.m. Monday

Saturday, November 3:

- Westbound I-70 reduced so only 2 lanes are open until 5 a.m. Monday

Sunday, November 4:

-  Westbound ramps at Earth City and at Fifth Street will be closed for several hours.  The exact time for these ramp closures is not known.  Motorists should be prepared for anytime on Sunday that the exits could be closed.  Motorists will have to exit westbound at Route 94/First Capitol to either take the outer road back to Fifth Street or take the eastbound ramp to I-70 to get back to Earth City. 

- MoDOT advises motorists to use Route 370 or Route 364 instead of I-70 this weekend.  Significant delays are expected with only two lanes open in each direction.  Earth City Expressway and downtown St. Charles are accessible from either Route 370 or Route 364.