With deposits missing, controversial contractor living lavish lifestyle


by Chris Nagus / News 4


Posted on April 26, 2013 at 9:47 AM

Updated Friday, Apr 26 at 11:54 AM

(KMOV) -- They look like the perfect family, but don’t be fooled. A couple’s lavish lifestyle comes partially at the expense of unsuspecting St. Louis homeowners.

His name is Patrick Richard and News 4 Investigator Chris Nagus knew he wasn’t going to roll out the welcome mat.

When Nagus asked Richard about his business All Seasons Contracting, Richard told him to “get lost.”

According to Richard’s LinkedIn page, he’s the owner of All Seasons Contracting.

Missouri state records indicate his wife, Carol, is the president.

All Seasons customers told News 4 they put down huge deposits with the company, but got nothing in return.

The Better Business Bureau has recorded at least 100 complaints.

Carol Richard is now being sued by the Missouri Attorney General, but neither the complaints, nor the lawsuit, seem to be crimping their style. They live in a home that cost nearly a half million dollars, with luxury cars in the drive and own a condo in West Palm Beach Florida, A former All Seasons employee says she had access to the Company’s financial records because it was her job to pay the bills. She says Patrick Richard co-mingled business with pleasure.

She told us charges for “dinners two and three hundred-dollars, airfare, casino charges, and marina charges” were all put on the “All Seasons debit card.”

She says some of the expenses included updates to the Florida condo.

Former All Seasons customers are ticked.

Murl Winfield says she paid all seasons for a bathroom and a roof she never got.

“He (has) a big house, he got the car, and everything. I think we need our money back,” said Winfield.

With so many complaints, Chris Nagus headed to the Richard’s home outside of Chicago.

He found Patrick cleaning out a really expensive RV hooked up to a really nice truck.

But Patrick would not answer the questions and told Chris Nagus he had five minutes to get off his property before calling the police.

News 4 also discovered All Seasons is now operating in Grayson, Kentucky.

If you got ripped off by this company, email Chris Nagus.