Edwardsville: Supposed terrorist threat in aspiring rapper's car not considered free speech



Posted on May 30, 2010 at 10:23 AM

EDWARDSVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- A judge says a supposed terrorist threat found in the car of an aspiring rapper isn't constitutionally protected free speech.

Friday's ruling means charges against the former student at Southern Illinois University's Edwardsville campus won't be dropped.

Olutosin Oduwole (oh-loo-TOE'-sihn oh-DOO'-wawl-ee) was charged in 2007 after police found a note in his car vowing a murderous rampage similar to the Virginia Tech shootings unless he was paid $50,000.

Oduwole's attorneys say the writings were rap lyrics. But prosecutors say the words were meant to instill fear, and that the man possessed a handgun.

Madison County Circuit Judge Richard L. Tognarelli says there's no evidence that the writings were lyrics.

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