Threat of new sex club opening concerns south St. Louis residents


Posted on July 28, 2011 at 1:50 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 28 at 9:18 PM

3100 block of Gravois

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ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A new sex business in south St. Louis is catching heat from some of its neighbors because some residents say the racy club misrepresented itself and snuck in under the radar.

On Thursday, club owner Joe Kriegsmann said he has nothing to hide about the sadomasochism club he plans to open.

The venue where the club is staged to be is an old warehouse, and it’s already stocked with the equipment for what Kriegsmann says will be instruction in bondage and sadomasochism, where couples engage in tying up, caging and whipping each other.

This description raises the suspicion of Alderman Craig Schmidt, who’s opposed to the club’s application for a permit that Schmidt says was first for a banquet hall and now an education permit. Schmidt also says he’s backing people living near the club who don’t want it there.

Kriegsmann insists he’s not doing anything wrong, and that he’s not misrepresenting himself, and that St. Louis is ready for this type of club.

The Board of Alderman will decide in the coming weeks whether to allow a permit to a businessman who wants to create a controversial club in the 3100 block of Gravois.

The club would be Missouri’s first legal for-profit bondage and sadomasochism club.

The businessman is requesting the permit because he believes there is an underground society of people who need a place to participate in these activities.

Neighborhood representatives are concerned about the nudity and the possible safety hazards of having cages and ropes hanging from pipes in the building.