Missing 10-year-old girl found safe in Lincoln County



Posted on October 8, 2010 at 11:49 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 5 at 3:46 AM

Troy, Missouri

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(KMOV) -- A 10-year-old Lincoln County girl who went missing Friday morning was found safe later that afternoon after apparently hiding in the woods.  

News 4's Marc Cox spotted the missing girl in the woods Friday afternoon.  After pointing her out, she ran home. 

“One of my neighbors thought they saw her run into a field and didn’t think much of it until they came back and saw police.”

Wilkerson told News 4’s Vickie Newton before the girl was found that there have been two sightings since and he thinks his adopted daughter was just scared.

“I don’t think she has been grabbed.  She left on her own accord with the dog I don’t think there is any foul play unless someone picked her up while she was out there.”
Once back at home, Rachel said her dog was chasing after a squirrel and got away.  Rachel then walked around the woods for miles, and eventually stopped to take a nap. 

Wilkerson said that he and his wife adopted Rachel and her brothers three years ago.  Rachel has challenges related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and he feels her actions may have been related to her condition.

At first, Tom Wilkerson says he thought that Rachel might be hiding, possibly upset that her brother had ridden her new pony.

“We were looking for her down in the woods, we have four acres, and we thought she was playing a joke on her brothers,” Wilkerson said.  “When the dog came home without her that is when I got really scared and called police.”

Search teams were concentrated on Gravens Road and Highway 47 just outside of Moscow Mills.