Woman scammed into wiring thousands to receive promised loan


by Chris Nagus / News 4


Posted on August 5, 2013 at 9:54 PM

  (KMOV) – A woman was scammed out of thousands after she kept sending a skilled con artist money in hopes he would follow through on a promised loan.

A Monroe County woman wired money to Texas and Jamaica after a caller identified as Michael, promised her a pre-approved loan to help keep her bills paid.

The loan was reportedly for $3,000 but at this point she has paid more than the loan was originally for. The unidentified woman has yet to receive the loan.

Michael says she owes restitution and repeatedly requests that she wire more money to pay what she owes before she can get the promised loan.

There are plenty of complaints online claiming this is a scam but she keeps sending money.

“I got to where I had money involved in it, I want my money back.”

The woman believed if she just paid a little more she would get it back. A little more has amounted to nearly $4,000.

News 4’s Chris Nagus intercepted one of the many calls from Michael who became upset when Nagus asked about the supposed loan.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up, I don’t want to hear your voice,” Michael said.

The woman feels like they have a power over her because they have her money.

Bottom line: if someone calls you offering money but it asking you for money first, hang up.

These skilled con artists try to justify the upfront payment as a one-time fee to release the money or to prove that you can make payments.

In this case, the victim was never asked to fill out any paperwork which is a huge red flag.