St. Louis man convicted of sexually assaulting dog gets lesser sentence


by Lauren Trager / News 4

Posted on August 1, 2013 at 9:48 PM

(KMOV) -- Some people are outraged after a repeat offender who admits to being a pedophile was given a fraction of the sentence prosecutors wanted to slap him with.

Shawn Ingram was sentenced on Thursday for taping his girlfriend performing sex acts on a pit bull and for having more than two dozen images and videos of child pornography.

Prosecutors felt Ingram was such a danger to society; he should go away for 76 years but instead, he could be back out on the street in just four or five years.  

"I just think it's disgusting,” said Sherry Borden.

It’s all a shock for her and other neighbors near Shawn Ingram’s home on Russell in south St. Louis.

In March 2012, Ingram was arrested after police found horrific images on his phone

He admitted to police he was a pedophile who preferred young girls

At the time, News 4 discovered he was already a registered sexual predator in Illinois.

“He shouldn't have had a second chance; he should have in jail for the first one,” said Borden.

Neighbors thought he'd surely be in jail for much longer this time around.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced him to 16 years for all his counts and he could parole much sooner.

"This sentence doesn't seem outrageously low to me and it doesn't seem outrageously high,” said Psychotherapist Dr. Dean Rosen.

Dr. Rosen said looking at child porn isn't the same as actually harming the children.

“Whether he's at risk of looking at porn again, it's possible, whether that puts society at a whole in danger, probably not." Borden disagrees.

“I mean, I am worried about my kids, I am worried about all kids, not just mine, it's gross, they should have done something about that,”

She calls Judge Margaret Neil's decision: “Stupid, give him 80 to life."

Judge Neil couldn't be reached for comment.