Shopper finds camera over dressing room at Fairview Heights mall


by Lauren Trager / News 4

Posted on August 27, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 28 at 7:27 AM

 (KMOV) -- A store in a popular Metro East mall vows to makes major changes to their security system after News 4 discovered cameras over the dressing rooms.  

In photos taken by a concerned patron, the cameras can be seen clearly from inside the dressing rooms and that had shoppers wondering who was watching them and why.

“Very uncomfortable, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone,” said Tracy, a shopper.

Tracy said she couldn’t believe what she noticed after she’d picked out a few things inside the Body Central store at St. Clair Square and went to try them on.

“As I was inside the fitting room, I was changing my clothes, and I was raising my arm up and I noticed cameras watching me, at least I thought it was watching me,” Tracy said.

Tracy snapped photos from inside, worried that her privacy was being violated

“Whoever is watching the security camera is watching me undress and I don’t think its right,” Tracy said.

The company declined a recorded interview, but told News 4 the cameras were on the clothes and never directed on the dressing rooms. They said they weren’t intended for anything improper.

After News 4 brought the concerns of the shoppers to Body Central’s attention, they said they’ve closed the fitting rooms and will be removing the camera farthest away as safety and security is there priority.

“I think that’s a good thing, but like I said, from the beginning it should never be there,” Tracy said.  She also said even with the remedy she still won’t be back.

Whatever store you go into, look around there and make sure there are no cameras.

The situation, she says, should be a lesson to every shopper out there.