Police investigate rash of break-ins on secure lot of local oil refinery


by Matt Sczesny / News 4


Posted on September 11, 2013 at 10:49 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 12 at 6:01 AM

 (KMOV) – Police in the Metro East are investigating an increase of crime at a local refinery that is considered secure. 

The oil refineries in Roxana, Illinois were the scene of a wave of car break ins and thefts recently.

These locations are one that should be secure due to the threat of terrorism.

Ever since September 11 attacks, oil refineries have been considered possible terror targets and in fact, at least three plots to attack refineries were stopped since 9-11.

The car thefts happened at the employee parking lots of the refinery.  When employees returned to their cars after their shift, six cars were broken into and two were stolen.

"The employees had arrived at work earlier and during work hours was when the burglaries occurred,” said Chief Will Cunningham of Roxana Police.

These break ins took place in broad daylight, at a time when the refinery is likely busy with activity and security is supposedly tight.

Government warnings are posted all over to keep out and stating vehicles are subject to searches.

A refinery spokesperson confirms the thefts were in a secure lot and a spokesperson told News 4, they are working to boost security around the refinery and that the thieves would have never been able to reach more secure areas.

Police, on the other hand, believe the car thieves may be doing the same thing in other towns around the refinery and they want drivers to be careful where they park.