Police investigate similar cases involving suspicious man in Overland


by KMOV.com Staff


Posted on September 24, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 24 at 10:08 PM

 (KMOV) – An investigation is underway in north St. Louis for what police are calling a suspicious incident involving a child Tuesday evening.

News 4 learned three girls were approached by what’s believed to be the same man and it’s a huge concern for the Overland Police...and they are very interested in finding this person to ask him just what he intended to do.

Now police tell News 4, a high school-aged girl was the first to be approached on the 9500 block of Baltimore Avenue Monday afternoon.

A man allegedly pulled up beside her in a small pickup truck and asked if she wanted a ride. She said no repeatedly and he drove away.

Later police learned a man with a similar description also struck up a conversation with two middle school-aged girls. They too knew something wasn’t right and got away quickly.

“The girls did the right thing, stepped up and possibly kept themselves from danger. Absolutely, they were smart enough to know I’m not supposed to be talking to him...it’s a stranger,” said Chief Michael Laws of Overland PD.

Police say the man did not touch any of the girls and didn’t threaten them or say anything suggestive.  Still Chief Laws says it’s very worrisome, hits close to home for them and they will be keeping a very close eye out here moving forward.

Still, even if they find the man, he may never be charged with any crime.

News 4 is still working to gather more information on this incident for News 4 at 10 and KMOV.com