O'Fallon, Mo. neighborhood doesn't qualify for much needed sound wall


by KMOV.com Staff


Posted on October 9, 2013 at 5:42 PM

 (KMOV) – O’Fallon, Missouri residents are requesting a sound barrier to keep the loud noise of traffic out of their neighborhood 

There’s no question the noise is a problem for the houses along Highway K in the Pheasant Point subdivision with round-the-clock traffic noise.

“That's all you listen to...can't leave windows open...watch TV,” said Danielle Baab.

Some neighbors have pleaded with the city council for relief.

“We need some protection in our neighborhood. We need some privacy in our neighborhood. W e need some quiet in our neighborhood,” said Becky Hamilton

The city said it’s a MoDOT issue and even MoDOT agrees there is a problem.  Neighbors say tests show the noise exceeds the 66 decibels needed for a sound wall and Highway K will soon have two more lanes.

MoDOT follows strict federal guidelines; 80 percent of the funding on a typical project is money from the feds and while a wall could be built if a roadway is widened, the two lanes that will be added will be considered auxiliary lanes so it doesn’t qualify.

“Those aren't high speed lanes and they're not heavily traveled lanes either...just to help funnel people from or to route 364 so those would be called 'auxiliary lanes', " said Tom Evers St. Charles Area Engineer with MoDOT.

Resident, Denise Whitney said “a lot of people when they hear us say, 'Gee, you bought a house along a highway, what'd you expect?  Well, one of the residents bought a home 28 years ago when 7800 people in O'Fallon, in a million years she never thought growth to be what it is."

MoDOT officials say the city of O’Fallon could explore the possibility of building a wall, but it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the meantime, the speed limit along Highway K will drop from 50 miles an hour to 4, .that will help a bit but not enough to please some residents.