Neighborhood on edge after St. Clair Co. man beat by own golf club


by Lauren Trager / News 4

Posted on November 19, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 19 at 11:20 PM

 (KMOV) -- A man was seriously beaten with his own golf club and the attacker is still at-large.

 “It was as if out of a movie, a horror movie at that, it was brutal,” said Lamont Milton.

Milton’s neighbor ran to him for help Monday night, terrified by what had just happened in their usually quiet Belleville neighborhood.

“It was more blood than I have ever seen,” said Milton.

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Deputies said just before 10 p.m., a tall, thin man in a mask came in through the garage, grabbed a golf club and allegedly beat the homeowner bloody inside.

“That he did something that drastic and get his golf club and use it against him, that frightens me a lot,” Milton said.

The suspect, though, seemed to have vanished. Sheriff Rick Watson told News 4 they have no leads. He says he’s very alarmed by this, pleading for anyone with even a sliver of evidence to come forward.

“We got to figure out if this is really a random act, did this person know the victim, we don’t know,” said Sheriff Rick Watson.

The uncertainty has neighbors on edge.

“It frightens me, we are on alert a little bit more now,” Milton said.

The investigation is underway.