Metro-East title company shuts down after operating without a license


by Lindsay Bramson / News 4

Posted on May 7, 2013 at 10:19 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 7 at 10:24 PM

( – Customers of a long-time Metro-East license and title company are concerned they may not be getting their money back after the company suddenly closed.

Customers of Duffy’s License and Title Company in Belleville learned the long-time business was operating without a license for nearly four months. 

Customers claimed they were getting the run around from the business.

“He just was fumbling over stories too much-always had excuses to try and cover up the last excuse he had,” said Brian Miller.

Miller paid more than a $100 for new license plates and was told it would be three days.  However, after several weeks he still had not received his plates.

A sign was left on the door of Duffy’s License and Title Company Tuesday, saying it had been shut down.

“I pay the 100 dollars to get that-I have to go back to the DMV then pay for a new one which sets me back 200 dollars,” Miller said.

The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office said there could be hundreds of people who paid for new tags and have not received them.

“And we are working with those individuals to expedite paperwork as quickly as we can-we want them to get titles as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson for the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office said they were unaware owner Brian Rainbolt was operating without a license.  As soon as they found out they closed his doors.

News 4 tried contacting Rainbolt, however no one answered the phone and the doors were locked.

It is likely the case will be turned over for criminal prosecution.

Anyone who has lost money through Duffy's title company can call the Illinois Secretary of State's Office at 618 236-8765.

News 4 will keep you updated if charges are filed.