Man says he paid tax bill, but still got penalty notice


by Diana Zoga / News 4

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 4:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, May 15 at 5:57 PM

 (KMOV)-- A St. Louis County man says he's struggling to clear up a mistake after getting a letter from the IRS, asking for payment on a tax bill he paid in April.

Kenneth Boyd said the letter, dated May 6, sent him into a panic, "I work for every penny I got and I work hard for my money and you think I'm going to send you another  $640?"

Boyd mailed a money order to the IRS for $648 back in April.  He went back to MoneyGram and says he paid another $24 to get a copy of the order to confirm it was cashed. 

He showed News 4 a copy with a U.S. Treasury stamp on the front and a tracking number on the back. 

Boyd says he has struggled to reach someone who can help him fix the issue,"After I got that, I tried to contact them.  Now, I'm staying on phone waiting for half an hour and they hang up on me.  I've been going through some crazy stuff with these people."

The IRS says it can not comment on a specific individuals case, but if someone is struggling to reach someone at the IRS to help with a complicated or unusual problem, the agency recommends people try the Taxpayer Advocate Service

IRS wouldn't say what could have caused the mix-up, but News 4 noticed that Boyd's Social Security number was not the money order.  Boyd says that the IRS should have contacted him about the missing information, instead of sending him a bill for unpaid taxes.

"If you had sent it back and told me, 'Hey, you need to do A, B, C, and D'... I would have done that and got that back in there.  But, don't take my money and tell me you don't know where my money is at," said Boyd.

Late on Wednesday afternoon, Boyd says he reached someone at the IRS who understood the problem and advised him to get to a fax machine and call back at the same time to confirm the proof of payment reaches the I.R.S.

 Boyd called back later on Wednesday night to say that he faxed his proof of payment while on the phone with someone from the I.R.S.  Boyd says he's been assured that his payment was applied.