Local school forces custodial staff to shovel snow in below-freezing temps


by Jasmine Huda / News 4


Posted on January 6, 2014 at 11:04 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 7 at 10:35 AM

(KMOV) – Custodians at the Hazelwood School District were forced to report to duty in the frigid temps to shovel snow on school grounds.

Hazelwood School District called off classes Monday and Tuesday for the extremely cold temperatures and dangerous wind chills.

The friend of a custodian at Hazelwood said the same rules should apply to others. The identity of the employee was concealed.

Custodians and maintenance workers were called Monday to clear the sidewalks and parking lots for several hours in the cold temperatures.

"I know it's the job to shovel show, I know that. But it shouldn't be zero below. They shouldn't have to do it. I mean, the school isn't even going to be open until Wednesday," said the friend.

The school district said it wants to keep the campus safe for when classes resume.

In a statement released to News 4, the Hazelwood School District said;

“Custodian and maintenance staff from Hazelwood School District worked to clear the sidewalks and parking lots to prepare for learning when our students and staff return from winter break.

We understand the concerns of some of our staff regarding the weather conditions. We asked staff not to come in Sunday. We waited until road conditions had improved Monday and daylight allowed assistance with melting campus sidewalks and lots. Staff took periodical breaks from the conditions for their safety and welfare.

Our goal is to provide safe passage for students and staff when they return to class.”

Several workers told News 4’s Jasmine Huda they became more concerned about their welfare and job security when they were questioned on whether they contacted News 4 about the issue.