Lacking drug monitoring program makes Missouri easy target for criminals


by Staff

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 6:09 PM

 (KMOV) –  Troy Police arrested three from Kentucky for using fake prescriptions to run a drug operation out of Missouri.

Police arrested Paul Cole, 53, his common law wife, Carlie Cole, 52, and their son Jamie Cole, 36.

The Troy Police Chief said these suspects were getting too much, too often for personal use. Police recovered a notebook in their car filled with addresses of pharmacies around Missouri, some in Illinois and Indiana.

Notes scribbled in the margin about whether they were successful in scoring drugs in various pharmacies were also found.

But when the three stopped at a pharmacy in Troy with a prescription for Oxycodone from a doctor in Miami, it raised all sorts of red flags.

All three are from Western Kentucky, about 90 miles southeast of Lexington.  Troy Police say the suspects hit pharmacies in several states.

Mainly Virginia and they've been to Missouri at least once a month for the past several years,” said Taylor.

Earlier, they were able to get a prescription filled in O’Fallon, Missouri but Taylor said Missouri doesn’t have a prescription drug monitoring program like the rest of the country.

So Missouri is becoming extremely popular for those looking to fill bogus prescriptions.

Legislators in Jefferson City would have to pass such a measure it would track. Doctors and individuals filling prescriptions in a nationwide computer system but so far bipartisan efforts to enact the program have fallen short during the legislative session.

 A lot of individuals from other states are coming to Missouri on a regular basis to get prescriptions filled whether it is legal or illegal....mostly illegal."

Taylor said less than 24-hours after the Coles were arrested, someone arrived from Kentucky and paid $65,000 in cash to bond them out.

Police say these three may have hit other pharmacies in the area. They are asking anyone with information to call the Troy Police Department.