Hazelwood school computer theft linked to pizza delivery driver attack


by Jasmine Huda / News 4


Posted on January 29, 2014 at 10:57 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 30 at 12:10 AM

(KMOV) – A student was charged with stealing laptops from Hazelwood East High School but St. Louis County police believe the same teen robbed a pizza delivery driver at gunpoint in November.

St. Louis County Police say they’ve been investigating Terrell Tillman after an Imo’s delivery driver was attacked. They say authorities found evidence that he was responsible for stealing three computers from his own high school.

“The officer recognized this suspect - this person of interest from the Imo's pizza delivery. He believed the individual attended Hazelwood East High School,” said Lt. Walley.

That individual was later identified as Tillman, 18, and with the consent of his mother, officers searched his bedroom and found two computers.

Stolen Dell laptops marked property of Hazelwood East were located in the bedroom of Tillman, Police say he admitted to stealing a total of three laptops.

Further investigation led to charged in the case involving the attack on the Imo’s driver.

“And the first one obviously is more serious. You have a gun in play and it could have ended really bad. But yeah, both crimes are very serious,” said Lt Walley.

The School District confirmed Tillman withdrew from Hazelwood just days after the attack of the delivery driver.

He now faces first-degree robbery charges for the thefts.