Towing Trouble: Truck towed 30 miles from St. Peters to Downtown St. Louis


by John O'Sullivan and Chris Nagus

Posted on November 14, 2011 at 11:17 PM

(KMOV) -- Imagine your car has been towed and it's going to cost a lot of money to get it back.

That is bad enough, but a St. Charles County man says the situation got even worse when the tow company reported his car stolen after he paid to get it back.

When News 4 crews showed up to Bulldog Towing just north of downtown St. Louis it looked like an abandoned junkyard.

It was the last place Chris Chrun thought his truck would end up after it was towed from a gas station 30 miles away off Salt Lick road in St Peters, Missouri.
“I understand why they towed my car, it was private property but I don't see why they would drive it all the way down to the city and charge me $425 to get it out" said Chrun.
Chrun told us he took out $500 and drove down to Bulldog Towing. But when he got there a man at the tow lot told Chrun he could have his truck back for $200 cash.

“When he said 200, I was like sweet; I kind of felt like was saving money even though I was getting robbed" said Chrun.

Chrun told News 4 he paid the man the cash and drove his truck home.
So he was shocked when he received a voicemail from a woman with Bulldog Towing saying they were reporting the truck stolen.
A man named Tommy Smith called St. Louis Police to report Chrun's car stolen. 
A detective called Chrun and he gave a description of the man he paid $200 to for his truck.
In the police report obtained by News 4, detectives noted Chrun's description looked a lot like the same man, Tommy Smith, who reported the car stolen.
News 4's Chris Nagus headed to Bulldog Towing to try and track down Tommy Smith, but Nagus just had a door slammed in his face.

He did get through to a woman who answered the phone number listed on Bulldog Towing's sign.

The woman still claimed the truck was stolen.

News 4 checked with the St. Louis Police department and detectives list the report as being “unfounded."

No one from Bulldog Towing accepted our request for an on-camera interview.
We did ask the manager of that St. Peters gas station why they use a Downtown St. Louis gas station, but he told us he did not know.

News 4 checked and there are dozens of licensed tow operators in St. Charles County located much closer to the station.