Local woman still looking for title more than 2 years after purchasing car


by Mike Colombo / News 4 and KMOV.com staff


Posted on January 14, 2013 at 4:49 PM

Updated Monday, Jan 14 at 8:20 PM

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – A St. Louis-area woman is looking for answers after she says she’s paid for her car for more than two years without receiving a title.

Patresa Parker says she likes her car, but it would be better if she could get a title. She has been trying for a long time.

“I purchased this car in August of 2010,” she said. “That’s two-and-a-half years ago.”

Parker bought her car in north St. Louis at what was then Top Quality Auto Consultants.

Owner Tadarrell Qualls told Parker she’d have her title in 30 days.

“Thirty days passed, I contacted him, he said that he was having some issues, he gave me another paper tag, another 30 days passed, same thing happened,” Parker said. “This has happened a couple of times.  Finally, he gave me a dealer plate to put on the car.”

The problem is, it’s illegal to give a customer a dealer plate. And it’s illegal to sell a car without a title.

“The car’s not registered, it’s not my car,” Parker said. “I feel I’m paying a car note on a car that I don’t know who it belongs to.”

Since Parker was getting nowhere fast, News 4’s Mike Colombo decided to see the dealer himself. The business is now called Exclusive Imports.

A salesman said Qualls is no longer the owner. And he wasn’t interested in talking about cars without titles. Still, he did say he would look into the situation.

Meanwhile, Parker is left waiting.

“I want my taxes paid, I want my title, I want this car to be in my name, I’m sick of this issue,” she said.

News 4 called and emailed the financing company - which is out of Michigan - last week. So far, there’s been no response.

The Missouri Department of Revenue reminds residents it’s illegal to sell a car without producing a title.