Health Dept. tells Boy Scout troop they must limit fundraiser barbeques


by Mike Colombo/ News 4 Investigates

Posted on February 14, 2014 at 6:39 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 14 at 6:40 PM

( -- In order to raise money, a local Boy Scout troop holds a pancake breakfast and a barbeque. But this year, the St. Louis County Health Department told the North County troop they could only hold one barbeque instead of the usual three to four. When the troop couldn’t get answers, they called News 4’s Mike Colombo.

Mike Kost is Boy Scout Troop 921’s group leader and runs the cook-outs in Hazelwood. Kost says the event raises thousands of dollars for the troop.

“We try to pay as much of it as possible,” Kost said, “So the underprivileged ones don’t have to pay to participate.”

The troop has been holding the cook-outs in the parking lot of the Church of the Good Shepherd for the last few years.

“The lady at the Health Department, North County Office,” said Kost, “told us we’d only be allowed on barbeque a year, instead of three or four.”

Kost said the woman had told him it was because of a new regulation taking effect this year.

“It’s just puzzling,” Kost said, “It hurts the program, by not being able to help the kids raise as much.”

But Dolores Gunn, director of the Health Department, said there was no new regulation. Now, she’s making sure Troop 921 is able to hold all of their barbeques.

“I talked to him [Kost] directly and because what he wants to is a temporary event,” Gunn said, “We got a lot more information. We were able to help out.”

Gunn said when a group asks about permits, it’s always best to come to the Health Department in person. Kost received the bad information over the phone and it’s possible the employee misunderstood his request.

Gunn also said she is a Den Mother and might stop by for some of Troop 921’s barbeque.