News 4 Investigates: Home remodeling company not finishing job


by Staff

Posted on August 7, 2014 at 9:48 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 8 at 5:09 PM

ST. LOUIS ( - When News 4 investigates a local company, it sometimes opens the flood gates for customers with similar complaints.

That's exactly what happened when Chris Nagus and Mike Colombo started comparing notes about problems viewers were having with the company Home Solutions.

Shirley Casey has been living without a working kitchen for eight months.  To make matters worse, her husband had a heart attack in March.  They were supposed to get him on a healthier diet, but she could not cook in her kitchen, so they were forced to eat out every meal.

The Caseys say they paid Home Solutions more than $80,000 to remodel their kitchen, but after gutting the place, work came to a grinding halt.

They said Kevin Maloney was in charge. When Chris Nagus called him in June, Maloney said he would take care of it. But just last week, we went back to check in with the Casey, who said the kitchen is still unusable.

The Caseys were not the only family to contact News 4.

Milly and Jim Meyr and Jim and Nancy Breitenstein also called Mike Colombo about issues with Home Solutions.

The Meyrs gave Home Solutions $17,000 for a master bathroom that is still unfinished, and the Breitensteins had to cancel checks for over $10,000 for a bathroom job that was never finished.

News 4 tried for weeks to get answers from Maloney, and then he just stopped by the Breitstein's home while Mike Colombo was there.

Maloney did not do much talking but said he would take care of things.

Currently, there 17 pending complaints with the St. Louis Better Business Bureau about Home Solutions.

More victims have come forward. To learn more, watch the video below: