84-year-old woman with dementia out thousands after being taken advantage of by neighbors


by Chris Nagus


Posted on February 27, 2012 at 10:31 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 28 at 6:23 AM

(KMOV) -- There is not much worse than taking advantage of an elderly person with dementia.

A St. Louis family says there mother was coaxed into buying a car for someone she barely knew, had neighbors who would steal her prescriptions, then there was the bathroom remodel project and that was the last straw.
84-year-old Louise Cox paid Matt Oppermann of Oppermann Construction $10,000 for a new bathroom. She thought she was getting new tile, a refinished vanity and a new floor.
But her family says no work was done.
"He said he put a new floor in which is not true this is the same floor my mom and uncle put in 13 years ago” said Brian, Louise’s grandson.
Oppermann did install a tub but the family says the plumbing is screwed up.
Brian says his family complained to the Missouri Attorney General.
Matt Oppermann responded with a letter stating the job included ceramic tile on the walls, and refinishing the vanity. He also stated the tub was installed according to code.
News 4’s Chris Nagus left repeated messages for Oppermann but he never called back.
News 4 even sent him a certified letter, but he never signed for it.
According to his letter to the Attorney General, Oppermann went out of business on January 1st, 2011, but we found ads for his company printed this past November.
Now Louise’s family needs to sell the house, but before they do they need to remodel the bathroom. The family says Oppermann paid for the tub which was installed, but they have never seen a receipt.
They also say there mom was targeted by others in the neighborhood because of her dementia and at one point even bought a car for someone she barely knew.