Blog: "Big Brother"- super genius or super liar, you be the judge


Credit: CBS

Andrew, a 39 year-old podiatrist from Miami Beach, Florida is one of the HOUSEGUESTS on the CBS summer series BIG BROTHER.


by Sarah Heath

Posted on July 26, 2010 at 1:20 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 26 at 4:14 AM

(KMOV)-- Last Sunday’s episode included the completion of the HOH competition and the nomination ceremony.

 Matt won the endurance HOH competition against Ragan who fought to the end, Andrew came in 3rd (with super short shorts on, I might add!)   

When Matt was able to see his HOH room, he read the letter from his wife to the rest of the house guests. The letter made his fake story sound even more real as she wrote that she was feeling better and that people are helping her out at home. Since he told the lie before getting HOH, this letter helped his case in convincing the other house guests that it is true. I hate that he is proud of what he is doing, it is just not right.
Rachel and Brendon are acting as if they have been together for months; they are all over each other. What will happen if they find out they really don’t like each other that much; they will have no other alliances with the rest of the house guests. I think they need to step out of the box and open their alliance and protection to a few more people.
Andrew seems to be the third person in this relationship, when he interrupts at the funniest times. I hope Andrew does that on purpose because it is entertaining to watch their reactions.
Another show-mance is blooming; Hayden and Kristen are getting really close. It is all kept in the dark and out of the spotlight from the rest of the house guests (except Andrew!)
Matt goes against “The Brigade,” and puts up Andrew and Kathy instead of the love birds, Rachel and Brendon.  If Matt didn’t already “show his loyalty,” to “The Brigade” last week, those guys probably would not be happy or trust his nominations. Since he did, they think he has something good up his sleeve for the group. I think Matt is playing for only Matt and these nominations could show his true colors to the alliance.
It was really funny to hear Lane and Enzo discussing how Hayden and Kristen are always hanging out, Lane thinks they could be the “longtime friends twist.”  Little do they know what Hayden and Kristen are doing after dark!
What do you think about the nominations??
How do you feel about Matt lying about his wife??
Tell me what you think and stay tuned for the Veto competition Wednesday at 7p.m.