St. Louis family gets dropped by Sprint after using too much data on vacation


by staff

Posted on November 28, 2012 at 5:36 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 28 at 6:25 PM

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- A local family’s vacation fun is a distant memory after they found out they were dropped by their cell phone provider for excessive roaming while on their trip.


Ken Myers’ family vacation in Arkansas was a much-needed getaway, but checking in on elderly loved ones was also a top priority.

“My wife’s father is soon to be 90 years old and we want to make sure he’s safe,” said Myers. “My mom, who can’t walk very well, I want to make sure she’s ok.”

The Myers have been Sprint customers since the early 90’s and, with the everything data plan, they figured they were safe using their cell phone freely in Arkansas.

But what they thought was normal usage was not, according to Sprint.

Without previous warning, the Myers received a letter from Sprint saying their service would be terminated the first week of December.

Sprint points to a service plan condition allowing the company to terminate service without notice if monthly off-network usage exceeds certain limits.

Apparently the Myers’ cell phone use in Arkansas did just that.

“We we’re on someone else’s carrier, which we had no indication of either on our phone or a text message saying you’re getting close to your data messaging limit,” said Myers.

This action from Sprint seemed a little off, so News 4 checked into it.

“Soon as you called, we got a call from Sprint,” said Myers. “They told us we were on probation and they were going to watch us.”

That’s good news and definitely beats being dropped as customers all together.

A spokesperson said “unlimited” usage does not apply while roaming. Sprint also said it generally warns customers violating the terms and conditions of their agreement, and monitors their accounts for a time to give them an opportunity to change their behavior.

Since the Myers usage was so unusual, Sprint’s cutting them some slack.

No matter who your cell phone provider is, there are different things you can to do protect yourself from similar situations.

Typically, there are protections you can set on the phone itself that won’t allow you to roam once you’re out of your network.

If you’re unsure...It never hurts to call your provider and ask before it’s too late.