St. Louis area residents becoming "winter weary"


by Lauren Trager/

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 10:28 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 31 at 10:41 PM

(KMOV) -- St. Louisans are getting winter weary and after the last go-around, some are critical of the city streets department.

“Every time you think we’ve made it through,” said John Kranz, “One of the spells, now here we go again.”

So we went to talk to streets director Todd Waelterman to see if they were prepared for the precipitation.

“Oh yeah,” Waelterman said, “We are ready.”

Waelterman said their trucks have been hitting the streets since Thursday with a salt-brine mixture, spraying onto every roadway including side streets, even knowing that some of it will wash away.

“There’s going to be areas where it’s clean,” said Waelterman, “And others where it’s slick as snot.”

He said it’s the best way to keep the streets as free from ice as possible and they learned a lot from the last storm.

“Even though there were some criticisms we managed it,” Waelterman said, “There was no loss of life on the streets, we managed the situation. We made things happen.”

And even the critics say they know it’s not an easy call.

“Yeah I think they botched it and maybe they learned something from that,” said Khleber Van Zandt, “I hope they learned something from that.”

As the ice builds, many are hoping only that spring arrives soon.