Police: Suspected drunk driver who hit pregnant mother has no license, fake passport


by Maggie Crane / News 4


Posted on November 28, 2012 at 10:06 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 29 at 4:32 PM

PINE LAWN, Mo (KMOV.com) -- Police say a suspected drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a pregnant woman before crashing into a daycare in Pine Lawn on Wednesday.

According to authorities, the man was traveling near the intersection of Jennings Station and Margaret around 4:15 p.m. when the accident happened.

Even though police say the mother is expected to be OK, state troopers were called out to investigate, fearing her baby could be in serious danger.          

But after some investigation, it was revealed the driver may also warrant investigation. Police tell News 4 he did not have a license. He did have a passport from Guatemala, but authorities now say that is fake.

Witnesses to the crash say the suspect had been driving erratically prior to the accident. So much so, one motorist was ready to call the police.

“I was actually getting ready to call police and that’s when I honked the horn at him and he just floored it and ran her over,” said Neal Dubro.

Dubro watched the accident unfold after following the driver on his dangerous path for about two miles.

“He had been swerving into head-on traffic a couple of times, ran a red light,” he said.

The driver came to a permanent stop after hitting a 22-year-old woman who is three-months pregnant.

Police say the SUV crushed her legs and shattered her pelvis. Witnesses who responded quickly were shocked at what they saw, but may have prevented further injury.

“I heard her hollering, so I ran down to make sure she didn’t go in shock or anything,” said Antoinette Hester. “But the whole side of her hip is like, was twisted, like broke and she started moving but I told her don’t move until the ambulance comes.”

Witnesses say the driver appeared to have a seizure after the crash, but police think there may have been something else that influenced the wreck. The suspect is in the hospital under police guard for suspicion of a DUI

Witnesses, meanwhile, are still trying to process what they saw.

“I probably won’t stop seeing this for a little bit,” said Dubro. “I see some stuff out here, but nothing like that.”

While doctors continue to work on the young mother and her unborn baby, police and immigration officers are now piecing together a criminal case.

No matter what happens, officers on scene say it’s a miracle the young mother survived.   

Pine Lawn Sergeant Steven Blakeney said, “I personally feel that she’s lucky to be alive.”