Kids, drugs found in vehicle after police pursuit, crash in St. Louis Co.


by Matt Sczesny / News 4

Posted on December 19, 2013 at 11:26 PM

Updated Friday, Dec 20 at 11:38 AM

 (KMOV) –A reckless father was caught putting his children at risk as he fled from a routine traffic stop in north St. Louis County.

Officers with Calverton Park Police Department were pursuing Christopher Madison’s vehicle when he crashed near Flora and Anastasia Drives. He side-swiped another vehicle and took out a mailbox before coming to a stop.

Police say Madison, 26, and a passenger then started to flee on foot leaving behind a sizable stash of heroin, marijuana, and crack.

Two children were also found in the backseat of the wrecked vehicle crying. "They were screaming crying they didn't know what to do,” said Officer Lowell Moore with Calverton Police Dept. 

Officer Moore was the cop involved in the pursuit and who arrested the driver.

 "His words were more of I just don't want to go back to jail that's why I ran didn't seem to care about the children much at all,  more worried about going back to prison," Officer Moore said.

The children ages 5, 6, were not in car seats but did not suffer any injuries in the crash. They are in the care of their mother at this time.

Madison told officers he just picked up the kids from school when the incident took place.

"In this day and time it still shocks me to see someone with total disregard for law enforcement and the children," said Chief Vince Delia,

Police say Madison was on parole for a federal drug charge. He is now facing a slew of charges including drugs and endangering his child

The passenger is still at large.