Employees wait for overdue payment for work done at St. Louis business


by KMOV.com Staff


Posted on October 24, 2013 at 9:46 PM

 (KMOV) – Two St. Louis men say they are working overtime just to get their paycheck and without seeing results on their own, News 4 stepped in.

In September, Brian Schaeffer and Warren Bates did contract work with Wits Inc., a company that recycles old electronics.

They were promised payment for their work but when the money didn’t come, they quit and called News 4.

“I liked doing the work a lot and all of a sudden she wasn't paying us and I can't pay bills or take care of my son if I ain’t got no money,” said Schaeffer.

Bates said “I’m worried she’ll skip town before I get my money.”

News 4 talked to Wits’ owner, Angela Haas who said an outside company handles the invoices and requires them to be submitted in a certain format for payment.

When asked if the men have not been paid, Haas said, “That is incorrect there are some who have not yet received their checks because of the invoicing being incorrect and we asked for revisions and some have received their checks.”

Bates said he hasn’t seen any of the $1,100 he is owed. Schaeffer said he received a check earlier this week but it was $90 short.

Haas said she’s continuously working with the men to get them their money.

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