Convicted felon claims guns are easy to come by on the street


by Lauren Trager / News 4

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 10:53 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 14 at 11:00 PM

 (KMOV) -- A serial burglar has been nabbed for stealing guns and putting them out on the street and one convicted felon told News 4 that getting guns on the street is like taking candy from a baby.

“It’s all networking, it’s who you know, it’s easy,” said Dwayne Kerns, now on probation for a gun charge.

Kearns said it’s a shoot or be shot at kind of world and in St. Louis; almost everyone’s got a gun.

“It isn’t that hard to get a gun, it’s as easy as walking outside picking a flower at the garden, that’s how easy it is,” Kearns said.

Slapped with charges for carrying illegally, he found his in an alley. But Steven Bell was just charged with swiping them from honest people in St. Louis County, hitting home-after-home with 13 theft charges in total.

One of his victims is so afraid Bell’s friends might come after her, she asked to be concealed. But she’s even more scared that her gun could now be in the wrong hands.

“Just the thought of it being used to hurt or kill someone else, it’s sad,” the elderly victim said.

She had done everything right, but Bell allegedly just heisted her entire safe from her bedroom: gun and everything valuable inside.

“That’s a heartless person that doesn’t have a conscience doesn’t care about anyone else, just abusing and doing hurtful things to people,” the victim said.

Prosecutors told News 4, once a gun is stolen, it’s almost impossible to track down again. Often, if the thieves are organized, that gun is gone; sold immediately.