Big issues on Election Day ballot for St. Louis-area voters


by Stephanie Baumer and Brendan Marks / staff

Posted on April 8, 2014 at 7:06 AM

Updated Tuesday, Apr 8 at 7:33 PM

( – Voters in several St. Louis-area counties on the Missouri side of the river have some big decisions to make when they step up to fill out their ballot on Tuesday.

In Clayton, voters will be deciding on whether to raise the sales tax by one-fourth of one cent. The increase would go to helping keep up fire and ambulance service in the area.

Voters in Franklin and St. Louis counties will be voting on whether the Pacific Fire Protection District will be allowed to borrow nearly $1.6 million to update facilities.

In Lincoln and Warran counties, voters will be deciding on whether the R-3 School District will be able to borrow $20 million for a new, second middle school.

The polls will open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. 

Here is a list of more important items on ballots across the St. Louis area:

- Future of Crestwood mall

- Clayton Prop B: If passed would issue bonds for $15 million for streets

- Clayton Prop D: More than $12 million in obligation bonds for a multi-purpose facility

- Lindbergh schools Prop G: $34 million bonds for schools

- O'Fallon Prop J:  $34 million in bonds for building new justice center

- O'Fallon Prop P: $19 million in bonds for parks and recreation

- Northwest School District Proposition Lions: $12 million for school improvements

- Warrenton: $16 million in bonds for sewerage system

- Bayless schools Prop C: Borrow nearly $9 million for schools

- Valley Park Schools Prop R: Borrow nearly $9 million for schools 

- Desoto schools: Borrow nearly $10 million for schools