St. Louis County police bust car thieves posing as tow truck drivers


by Staff

Posted on October 15, 2012 at 8:31 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 23 at 5:18 AM

Tow truck car thieves busted

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( -- St. Louis County police say they caught a car thief who was trying to slip under the radar by posing as a tow truck driver.

Those who saw it say at first it seemed perfectly legit. It’s something seen everyday- a car being towed.

“Me and my father-in-law were looking out the window and I said wow someone is getting ready to move that old car,” said resident Robert Buchannon.

Buchannon said everything seemed routine when he saw the two trucks in the back yard of this house along Claudine Drive in Spanish Lake.

They were loading up a Subaru that had belonged to an elderly woman who recently passed away.

But one quick thinking neighbor didn’t buy it, and within minutes, police arrested 55-year-old Leonard Ingram.

“They had already took off the four tires and I said wow that’s unusual for the tow trucks to be back there like that,” said Buchanan. “One couldn’t get it so the other one came and got it and scooped it up.”

Police say this seems to be a new trend for auto thieves. In July, News 4 told you about tow trucks taking cars on the highway.

Police say just because something looks normal, doesn’t always mean it's legal.