Officer accused of harassing St. Louis man, assaulting suspect


by Brittany Noble / News 4

Posted on August 6, 2014 at 5:52 PM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 6 at 9:41 PM

( - In March, Terry Robinson gave a video to News 4. He said he used his cell phone to record police harassing him in the back of a squad car. Since then, St. Louis police said they have been investigating.

On Wednesday, Robinson’s girlfriend, Kaneisha Morris said Robinson wanted to check in with his parole officer, but was arrested.

Morris said Robinson could have been locked up because one of the officers in question. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Detective Thomas Carroll is also being investigated for assaulting a suspect in another non-related crime.

News 4 asked for a comment from St. Louis police and received the following response:

“The Department does not release the name (s) of personnel being investigated and/or suspended. The March 2014 incident referenced in your inquiry remains an ongoing investigation.”


News 4 will continue to follow up on this case.


See original story below: 

(KMOV) – A north St. Louis man claims he was unfairly handcuffed and detained by St. Louis Metropolitan Police and has the video to prove it.

On Monday Terry Robinson, 21, said officers saw him outside in the Blair neighborhood, handcuffed him and pretended to drive back to the police station. Robinson caught the conversation inside the police cruiser on his cell phone.

Robinson has been arrested before and is currently on probation.  He said he promised his mother that, if she got him a good lawyer, he would stay out of trouble.

He is reportedly back in school and working to turn his life around. If he gets in trouble again, he faces at least nine years in prison.  

He said for weeks, two officers have been harassing him, claiming they want him to give up a name of anyone they can plant a gun on or else they’ll arrest him.

When asked where the gun was, Robinson said they had one but never showed it to him. The officers told him “I have a fully-loaded 38.”

Officers were unaware that Robinson was filming the ride on his cell phone.

“Your nine years are going to seem like four times more. I know y’all said you need a gun and a body, got to have a body with it,” said NAME. “I don’t need no gun case. You know I’ll get you somebody.”

Robinson said they made it very clear what they’d do if he didn’t give up a name.

 “If you don’t give me anything in the next 24-hours then I’ll write this case up as you ran from me but you got away. But I know who you are and you had this gun.”

While in the cruiser, Robinson pleaded with officers to give him a little more time.

But instead of finding another man to arrest, Robinson contacted his lawyer. The video has been turned over to authorities and detectives with internal affairs are investigating.

Details into that investigation were not released