2 St. Louis jailers accused of setting up beating between inmates


by Maggie Crane / News 4


Posted on June 18, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Updated Monday, Jun 18 at 5:18 PM

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) Two city jailers are on the wrong side of the bars after prosecutors say the guards arranged for one inmate to beat another.

It allegedly happened at the Workhouse, the city’s medium-security jail.

The man who got beat up didn’t report the assault, because as he told prosecutors, the people there to keep him safe are the very ones who he says allowed the attack to happen.

Hyran Brooks’ son, Thaddeus Dumas, is jailed at the city Workhouse.  He says some of the guards are just as bad as the inmates.

“I mean, it’s called correctional facility, and I don’t see no corrections in there,” Brooks said.

Dumas reportedly told investigators that corrections officers asked him if he wanted to fight “the person in cell 50.”  Prosecutors say they have video proof that on May 24, jail guards Dexter Brinson and Elvis Howard escorted the inmate from his cell on the lower level to the victim’s cell on the second floor, where they allegedly locked the two men inside and watched as Dumas beat Derrick Rodgers.

“It’s like a legal gang to me, I mean, you can pick and choose who you want to fight and do these things,” Brooks said.  “It’s crazy.”

This follows a string of bad news out of the St. Louis jails.  In April, Corrections Officer Stephanie Rodgers was charged with having sex with an inmate and accepting cash in exchange for smuggling in a cell phone into another inmate.  In May, a guard reportedly forgot to lock a cell, allowing an inmate to nearly escape.  Plus, there were a series of escapes from both jails last year.

St. Louis Public Safety Director Eddie Roth says he’s trying to clean up the mess at the jails, starting from the top down.

“We’re focused on the leadership of our correctional facilities.  We’ve brought a new corrections commissioner—a strong guy from the state system—and we’re sending a message to the people who won’t lead or who are engaged in this conduct that it won’t be tolerated,” Roth said.  “We feel that as disturbing as it is that something like this happened, it shows that we are on a road to recovery and that we’re serious about upholding the integrity of the institution.”

The jailers—turned inmates at the St. Louis Justice Center—are now on forced leave from their jobs.  They’ll be moved to the St. Louis County Justice Center since they have knowledge about the inner workings of the city justice center.