Why the suspect in a fatal stabbing was released from jail with no charges


by Chris Stanford / News 4


Posted on July 18, 2014 at 10:46 AM

Updated Saturday, Jul 19 at 10:53 AM

Fatal Stabbing

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(KMOV.com) - Police said the suspect arrested in the death of a Waterloo man has been released from jail without any pending charges.

Waterloo police charged Christofer Russell with aggravated battery and agreed to hold him in custody while the State’s Attorney considered more serious charges, or to dismiss the charge. Russell is claiming he stabbed 27-year-old Eric Boyer in self-defense at a woman’s home on Cottonwood Lane.

“My sister told me what she’d seen when she ID'd her son's body and she said it was a horrific scene. Definitely not self-defense,” said Boyer’s aunt, Elizabeth Graves.

Police consider the stabbing a domestic incident.  Boyer’s friends and family said he and the woman were friends.

Russell was released from the Monroe County Jail late Friday afternoon, about 19 hours from the time of the stabbing, and at that time Russell faced no pending charges and did not need to post bail.

"The decision was made too fast.  With the facts what they are.  He should've been held at least 24 hours,” said Boyer’s friend Dean Stratmann.

Waterloo Police Chief Jim Trantham said Russell called 9-1-1 right after the incident and cooperated with authorities. 

Police said they would continue to investigate the stabbing and that the Monroe County State’s Attorney would continue to consider the evidence collected for any possible charges.

No information could be immediately found to contact Christofer Russell or his family for comment on this story.