Recipe: Sautéed Scallops with Green Grapes and a Sweet White Wine Sauce


by Chef Michael Damico, L'Ecole Culinaire

Posted on March 10, 2014 at 10:32 AM

6 each sea scallops (u-10) dry pack
1/2 cup green grapes (halved)
1 cup sweet white wine (Riesling)
1 ounce butter (unsalted)
1 teaspoon olive oil
Salt and pepper

Method of Preparation

1.Season the scallops with salt and pepper, put the oil in a stainless skillet on medium high heat for about 3-4 minutes

2.Place the scallops in the skillet and cook for about three minutes or until golden brown on each side

3.Be careful not to scorch the skillet, remove the scallops from the skillet, remove the skillet from the heat source and add the wine, if you prefer the scallops more done place in the oven for 4 minutes on 400 degrees

4.Put the skillet back on the heat and add the grapes and salt and pepper, turn heat to high and reduce

5.Reduce wine till half of the volume is gone

6.Remove skillet from heat and stir in butter, constantly stirring until butter is fully melted, taste and adjust seasonings