Nicki Minaj talks "American Idol," her fans and wanting to be a mom

Nicki Minaj talks

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LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 06: Rapper/singer Nicki Minaj accepts the award for Best Female Video onstage during the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at Staples Center on September 6, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


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Posted on July 10, 2013 at 7:45 AM

Updated Monday, Jan 13 at 10:24 AM

(CBS) Nicki Minaj opened up about her fans, her time as a judge on "American Idol" and her future plans in a new interview with Marie Claire.

Appearing on the magazine's August 2013 cover, the rapper said her time as a judge on the Fox series changed how people perceived her.

"The perception that people had of me completely changed because there are no cue cards, there's no script, it wasn't be performing a song," Minaj, 30, explained. "It was, 'Let's see you real personality.' My core is a genuine human being who roots for other people. I didn't want to blow smoke up their ass. I wanted every contestant to leave with something that they could remember."

She told the magazine she wants to release more music, but is also interested in pursuing acting.

"I at least want to do three more albums. If I can do that, I'll feel complete...One day, when I start getting a couple gray hairs, maybe it will all be only acting," she mused. "I just never know...I've kind of become the poster child for doing the things that no one expects."

She also revealed what she wanted to be if she hadn't become a rapper -- a lawyer.

"I just loved the thought of going into a courtroom with mostly men and defending someone -- just being able to persuade people with your words," she said. "It seems glamorous in a way. Very inspiring and ballsy."

Minaj spoke about her relationship with her fans, or Barbz ("we kind of have our own language"), and the "weird epiphany" she had while on tour in Australia last year.

"I was on a world tour, a big feat for a female rapper. For the first time, I allowed myself to feel proud of where music had gotten me, and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude," she recalled. "You feel the need to pay it forward, which starts with analyzing yourself with a true desire to grow. I was praying every day, 'You know what, Lord? I want to be a mom one day, and I want to start becoming the woman who I want to parent my child.' I wanted all of the feelings of entitlement to leave me, because some people have this life for a year or five or 10 -- and a lot of them lose it. I didn't want to become a person who wasn't enjoying the moment."

The interview also included some of Minaj's tips about men.

"Don't chase any man. Put your school first," she advised. "Men love independent women. You don't have to be a bitch, but there's nothing wrong with it at times. And: Men are kids at heart. They want to be nourished and pet like a dog."

The August issue of Marie Claire will hit newsstands on July 16.