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Virginia's Blog: A Very Merry Un-Birthday

by Virginia Kerr

Posted on January 25, 2013 at 4:11 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 25 at 4:11 PM

What if I told you, you were getting three gifts at the end of today. Because you are..actually more than three but let’s start with three. I know it’s probably not your birthday. Chances are it’s your unbirthday..remember they told you about them in “Alice and Wonderland?” You get 364 unbirthdays. And there are unbirthday gifts every day. At the end of the day, when you get home you’ll find them. Chances are they’ve been sitting at your house for a while and you haven’t seen them because you had no idea where to look.

Has that ever happened? The UPS guy dropped off packages at  your house but went to the wrong door. The door you never use. Maybe it’s the door that leads to the back deck but you always come through the garage so you would never think to look there. Maybe that’s where your gifts are.
And because you haven’t been looking for these gifts, there’s a huge pile of them by now. Because they don’t stop coming.

Tonight, when the dishes are washed and the kids are doing their homework or in bed and your spouse is watching tv..or maybe it’s just you and you are done winding down from the day... go look for your gifts.

I found three last night. I just had to search a few minutes. The first one.  My husband. He took an incredibly fussy 2 year old and calmed him down with the magic of blueberry waffles and a soft, sweet demeanor that only my husband could muster at that point. He showed me how to be patient.
The second one. My close friend Dianne. As I thought back on the day she stood out. My friend who walks into a room and the words “How’s it going? How can I help?” roll off her tongue every time.  My friend who always has time to listen. My friend the producer who was in the booth and in my ear during Great Day yesterday and her comments just made me smile. Again, she’s asking the hosts “how are you doing?” when she has the most stressful job during the show. She shows me how to put others first.

And the last gift, the smell of fresh snow as I walked out of the station last night. It just hit me in the face as I opened the door as if it were greeting me saying, “your work day is over and now it’s time to just chill with your family.”

So these gifts. They are there. And it’s really funny how when you take the time to look for them..the whole day shifts in your mind. All of a sudden you think of those gifts instead of the frustrations, stresses and annoyances of the day. What’s really great is that the gift delivery person never stops bringing the gifts. NEVER.

Go open that backdoor and see what’s there. And keep track of them. Write them down. I am. That way when all I see is what I don’t have or what’s not going right I can look up the gifts and remember. And shift. And be thankful. Every day.