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Woman recovering after deer strikes her in an Ellisville parking lot

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 9:41 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 12 at 8:49 AM

(KMOV) -- A West St. Louis County woman is out of surgery after a deer crashed into her while she was standing in a parking lot in Ellisville.

You read that right -- the deer knocked her to the ground, critically injuring her.
Witnesses say the deer that slammed into the woman then crashed into the neighboring building, even cracking the picture window.  It gives you an idea of the force with which the woman was hurt.
"It just struck her at a full run," Metro West Fire District Battalion Chief Mike Krause said.  "It's a tremendous amount of force for a person to sustain.  That's a lot of traumatic force."
Witnesses believe it may have been a small buck that barreled into the unsuspecting customer who was standing near her van at Arvin's Auto Center along the busy Manchester Road.  The 53-year-old woman suffered a head injury when she crashed to the concrete from the force of the animal.
While car vs. deer collisions are common, people vs. deer are rare.
"I've never have seen anything like it," Krause said.
Yet the suburban Ellisville setting is becoming a common place to spot deer at dusk.
"We'll see them cross Manchester a few times throughout the day," Trey Lewellen, who works next door to Arvin's, said.  "They get spooked."
The same deer that injured the woman also rammed into his building.
"It sounded like a sonic boom almost, the way that the windows shook," Lewellen said.  "The deer literally flew up into the window, knocked itself back down.  I mean there's fur and everything down there [under the window], and then took off."
The Missouri Department of Conservation estimates about 65 deer per square mile in the area, well above the 22 deer per square mile that the department recommends.