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Life Down Under: “Survival Condos” promise to protect against a nuclear attack

by Jasmine Huda

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 10:19 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 24 at 8:34 AM

(KMOV) -- How far below the earth’s surface are people willing to go to protect themselves from disaster? The answer: several hundred feet. 

It might seem a bit farfetched, but curious minds from the St. Louis area and around the globe are interested in Larry Hall’s “survival condos” – luxury properties designed to withstand everything from nuclear war to a terrorist attack.
“People are concerned,” Hall said. Hall, a former software developer, is building underground condos in a former missile silo in Kansas. (He requested that the exact location not be disclosed).
Hall said he has received calls from around the world. The list of fears includes global economic collapse, tsunamis, flooding, and food shortages.
"The Soviet Union lost 25% of their wheat crop the year before last from fires. They had over 700 fires,” Hall said.
Of course, it’s hard to predict the timing of Armageddon. But Hall says his residents will be prepared should the sky fall. His condos come with a 25,000 gallon water tank; a five-year supply of food, and shelter against extreme conditions. Designs even call for a fitness room, and a minor surgery center.
Hall said the living quarters provide more than physical protection. Mindset matters.
“The whole trick to having long term, off-grid survival capability is normalcy. To make things as normal as long as you can. And that’s the key to it.”
So how much will it cost to ride out the end of the world? $2 million dollars for 1,800 square feet.
“From an investment point of view I'd say it's better than life insurance,” he said.
To Hall, it’s life assurance. A place where Cold War psychology meets modern day anxiety.