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Mississippi River Flooding, Especially Near Grafton, IL

by Steve Templeton


Posted on June 10, 2008 at 5:28 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 3:30 PM

Yesterday's blog focused on the Mississippi at St. Louis and today I wanted to point out not only the flooding all along the Mississippi into early next week, but especially Grafton, IL. The Mississippi at Grafton is forecast to rise to 28.5' which is 10.5' above flood stage. That's right on the borderline of what's classified by the weather service as "Major Flooding".

Here's a list of what is impacted in the Grafton area when the river reaches certain levels. The forecasted crest is in the area of 28.5' by next Wednesday June 18th.

28.5 The Northwest and Northeast corners of Smartt Field are flooded
28.4 Water reaches Main Street at the Vistors Center
28.3 Water reaches the intersection at Main & Route 100. Also at this level the Northeast Corner of Smartt Airfield begins flood.
27.6 Beasley's Fish Market at Main & Overmeyer floods.
27.5 This level is expected to be met or exceeded on average once every 10 years.
27.5 Majors Motel at Main & Dagget Hollow floods
26.4 Residential flooding in Grafton occurs
26.0 Water distribution system begins to flood so emergency measures begin.
25.7 This level is expected to be met or exceeded on average once every 5 years.
25.6 Gables Resturant at Main & Sycamore floods
25.5 Brussels Ferry closes.
25.2 West End Fish Market at Main & Canal floods.
24.7 City of Grafton closes Route 100. Also at this level the Catholic Church at Main & Evans floods.
24.0 Route 100 inundated at Chautaqua and Elsah. This is also designated as the Moderate flood level.
23.8 Main Street... Route 100... is inundated
23.0 Highway 94 north of West Alton begins to flood.
21.5 In Portage des Sioux, MO, Le Sieur Street leading to the Marina and to Our Lady of the River Statue is flooded.
20.4 This level is expected to be met or exceeded on average once every 2 years.
18.0 Flood Stage. Right bank begins to over flow... flooding farmland.
16.2 For navigational purposes through Alton Lock and Dam control, the Corps will not allow the river to exceed this level, if at all possible.
14.2 For safe navigation of barge traffic, the Corps will try to keep the river above this level.

Thanks to the folks at the National Weather Service for this graphic below, showing the crest for all locations. Keep in mind that river forecasts only include anticipated rainfall in the next 24 to 48 hours. So, our expected rain late Thursday night into Friday is not included in these crests forecasts and may cause them to change.

We'll keep you posted on the flooding as the week goes on and rain North of our area filters into the Mississippi causing possible further rises in the river level.