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Fact vs. Fiction: Bridgeton Landfill fears aren't keeping people away Video included


It’s the close of the season, and the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex is pretty quiet now, save for the sounds of airplanes passing overhead. More>>

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Fact vs Fiction: Coldwater Creek vs. West Lake Landfill Video included

Coldwater Creek Coldwater Creek

A conflation of facts between the Bridgeton Landfill and Coldwater Creek may be helping to fuel fears about the landfill.


Bridgeton Landfill Fact vs. Fiction: Are nearby businesses leaving? Video included


Bridgeton’s mayor said the situation at the Bridgeton and West Lake Landfills has not chased nearby businesses away.


Fact vs Fiction: Bridgeton Landfill emergency plans Video included


Emergency plans that were released by nearby school districts and St. Louis County about the Bridgeton Landfill got some parents very worried. More>>

Koster speaks on the Bridgeton Landfill

(KMOV.com) - Missouri Attorney General spoke to News 4 about his concerns with the situation at the Bridgeton Landfill and responds to charges that he's inflating worries for political gain.Copyright 2015 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved. More>>

Oncologist downplays fears over radioactive waste at West Lake Landfill


An oncologist at the Siteman Cancer Center said an explosion could not occur if an underground fire at the Bridgeton Landfill reaches radioactive waste at the West Lake Landfill. More>>

News 4's Russell Kinsaul tours the Bridgeton and West Lake Landfills

(KMOV.com) - News 4's Russell Kinsaul gets an up close look at the two landfills at the center of controversy and anger.Copyright 2015 KMOV (Meredith Corporation). All rights reserved More>>

Bridgeton Landfill: How the current situation came to pass Video included


Concern and controversy over the Bridgeton and West Lake landfills continues to swirl as nearby residents demand nuclear waste dumped at West Lake be removed. More>>

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