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'Normal Barbie' helps girls learn about menstrual cycle


Talking to a young woman about her menstrual cycle may make some parents uncomfortable, but a doll that got attention for its “normal” look has new accessories that can help with that. More>>

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From madam to legitimate business owner, Katina Powell's business past


From sexy images of Katina Powell, to a more studious one, the former madam at the center of a scandal involving the University of Louisville men’s basketball program was once serious about starting a legitimate business. More>>

Community comes together to build house for family of Jamyla Bolden

Jamyla Bolden was fatally shot while doing her homework Tuesday night (Credit: GoFundMe) Jamyla Bolden was fatally shot while doing her homework Tuesday night (Credit: GoFundMe)

A community has come together to help the family of Jamyla Bolden, 9, who was fatally shot while doing her homework in August.


The iPhone setting that changed this man's life


Todd Stabelfeldt is sending his wife a romantic text. He taps his chin on a button mounted on his wheelchair, then grins, pleased with his wooing. A quadriplegic since he was 8, Stabelfeldt can't move anything below his neck. Now a 36-year-old engineer and business owner, he's turned his wheelchair into a powerful mobile communication hub using switches, a Bluetooth headset and an iPhone 6. He averages a phone call every six minutes and sends more than 100 texts a day. More>>

5 terrifyingly good haunted houses


Fans of sensory overload are in for a treat. "Visual disturbances" are just the beginning of the fright fests these five Halloween attractions are creating for fall thrill-seekers. More>>

Internet trolls call new 'Star Wars' movie 'anti-white'


The haters of the Internet have never met a target they couldn't denounce. Even "Star Wars." While much of the world watches and rewatches the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer for clues about the eagerly anticipated movie, a small minority of people have attacked the film's ethnically diverse casting as "anti-white." More>>

Norwegian hunter shoots two moose -- then realizes they're in a zoo


A hunter in Norway shot dead two moose before realizing moments later that he was shooting through the fence of a zoo. The animals were in the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Center in northern Norway, about two hours drive south of the city of Tromso, above the Arctic Circle. The hunter was with a group hunting moose with specially trained dogs at the boundary of the park. More>>

Space anomaly gets extraterrestrial intelligence experts' attention


The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute has its eyes -- and soon possibly one of the United States' premier telescopes -- focused on an anomaly that some astronomers can't quite explain. Users on the online astronomy crowdsourcing interface, Planet Hunters, discovered a peculiar light pattern between the Cygnus and Lyra constellations a few years ago. More>>

Body hanging from fence mistaken for Halloween decoration

(file) (file)

Chillicothe Police arrested a man in connection to the homicide of a female victim whose body was found dangling from a fence.  More>>

Authorities: Man robs bank, posted pics to Facebook playing with wads of cash


When isn't it a good idea to post pictures online pretending a wad of cash is a telephone, playfully eating a chunk of bills or grinning from ear-to-ear holding sums of money in both hands? When you've allegedly robbed a bank. That's what authorities in Ashville, Ohio, claim John E. Mogan II did last month, before possibly giving himself away a few weeks later with his Facebook posts.  More>>

Tinder blasts billboards linking apps to STDs


An AIDS organization put up billboards linking Tinder and Grindr to sexually transmitted diseases. And Tinder is furious. The popular dating app asked the L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation to remove the billboards in a cease and desist letter on Monday. Tinder did not respond to requests for comment. More>>

Uprooted tree reveals a violent death from 1,000 years ago


Nearly 1,000 years ago, a young Gaelic man came to a violent end among the dispersed farmsteads of northwestern Ireland. This, we know, thanks to a 215-year-old tree and a hearty Irish wind. The young man's remains were discovered tangled in the roots of the tree when it blew over sometime before May. That's when an archaeologist hired by Ireland's National Monuments Service excavated the remains. More>>


#Really?: Woman says her North City neighborhood was treated like a landfill


A north St. Louis woman said her neighborhood was treated like a landfill, and nobody would help her get it cleaned up. She called Chris Nagus for help, and he got results.  More>>

#Really?!: The IRS ships tax documents via UPS instead of Post Office


Florissant accountant Terry Rasch is shaking his head and asking Really!?! All because of these simple unassuming tax forms shipped to his office courtesy of the IRS. More>>

#Really? MSD letter threatens woman with collections over 58 cent overdue bill Video included


A St. Charles woman received a letter from MSD saying she owed 58 cents on an overdue bill and if payment was not made immediately, more stringent collection methods could be put in place. More>>

#Really?: Extended warranty leaves customer in the lurch Video included


When making a major purchase, sometimes on the spot or through the mail you receive an offer for an extended warranty. A St. Louis  man thought he was buying peace of mind, but instead it left him asking "Really!?!" More>>

#Really?: Plate cheats registering cars in Illinois to avoid taxes

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- If you live in Missouri, you just paid those dreaded personal property taxes. But, plenty of your fellow neighbors don't pay; instead, they register their cars in Illinois, More>>

#Really?: Despite billions in tax refund fraud, IRS enforcement budget slashed

(KMOV.com) - The government has no problem collecting a big chunk of your paycheck, so why is so much of it going down the drain, While you’re stuck in traffic headed to work, some crooks don't More>>

#Really?: Contractors who rip off St. Louisans not facing charges

(KMOV.com) -  A Chicago couple owes Missouri families more than $400,000, but they haven't paid a dime. The same couple owes Ohio consumers a six figure settlement, and they're actually paying More>>

#Really?! The state divide over slow left lane drivers

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Slow pokes in the left lane had our viewers asking #Really!?!   We told you about them last.; now we're learning there's consequences for squatters that drive More>>

#Really?: Government tries to hide where food stamp money is spent

(KMOV.com) – The food stamp program helps 15 million Americans, but it also helps many retailers who do not sell food get rich. The government will not release information on where food stamps More>>

#Really?: Residents find out they are unable to refinance homes due to lien

Imagine this: You go to re-finance your home and are shocked to find you can't because without you even knowing why a company has slapped a lien on your home. More>>

#Really?: Man accused of stealing $40,000 from woman's safe

(KMOV.com) -- Eric Smith was in the News 4 spotlight back in May of 2013 after he was accused of taking more than $20,000 in his taxidermy business and doing nothing with it. Now he is accused of stealing More>>

#Really?: Why are there so many eyesores along I-70?

(KMOV.com) – News 4’s Chris Nagus looks at why abandoned and rundown buildings along I-70 in north St. Louis have not been torn down. Do you ever see something, hear something or wonder about More>>

#Really?: Viewers react to #Really story about North St. Louis vacant lots

 ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- All of the abandoned and dangerous buildings along Interstate 70 north of downtown had News 4’s Chris Nagus asking really? After his initial report aired Tuesday More>>

#Really?: Drivers staying in the left lane too long

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Drivers who do not leave the left lane had News 4's Chris Nagus asking 'Really?' It appears many drivers do not realize it is against the law in Missouri and More>>

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